60 Seconds of Cinderella

[Reid and Lucie are sitting on stools in the front of the room, each holding a large white envelope. Reid is relaxed and smiling at the audience while Lucie looks slightly fidgety and uncomfortable with all the attention.]

Lucie:  I guess we should get started.

Reid:    All right. Welcome, everyone, to Sixty Seconds of Cinderella. Lucie and I are going to do sixty-second interviews with each other using the questions on the cards inside these envelopes.

Lucie:  Which we haven’t seen, by the way.

Reid:    [chuckles] No, we have no idea what we’re getting ourselves into. Okay, so here we go. Ladies first, babe.

Lucie:  Oh, okay. [opens the envelope and takes out the note card] First question is, do you prefer to win by knock out or submission?

Reid:    Your brother and I have had this argument many times. He prefers to win by submission, but I like the knock out, myself. There’s nothing like landing that perfect strike and watching your opponent fall completely boneless to the mat.

Lucie:   Uh, you might not want to be so graphic next time, hon. I’m sure all the women here are fans of you, but they might not all be fans of the sport.

Reid:    Good point. Sorry, ladies. [flashes killer smile at the audience causing more than a few sighs]

Lucie:   Okay, next question. Go out to eat or stay home and order in?

Reid:    As much as I love watching you get dolled up and taking you to a nice dinner, I’d definitely say order in.

Lucie:   Really? I thought you liked going out more.

Reid:    I used to, before you. But watching you eat tends to have a rousing affect on a certain part of my anatomy, and I like being able to attack you whenever I want instead of having to wait until we get home. [winks at Lucie]

Lucie:   [blushing…hard…but failing to keep the amusement from her face] I cannot believe you just said that.

Reid:    [addresses audience] Plus, she flirts shamelessly with waiters—

Lucie:   [laughing] You told me to do that!

Reid:    —so I prefer to keep her home all to myself.

Lucie:   O-kay, next question. Dressed up or dressed down?

Reid:    Is naked an option?

Lucie:   Reid!

Reid:    [laughing] Ok, fine, dressed down. The less clothes, the more comfortable I am.

Lucie:   Drawing or sculpting?

Reid:    Sculpting. I like drawing, but I prefer working with my hands. And I’ve been told I’m pretty good with my hands, right, Lu?

Lucie:   Um… [clears throat and glances back at card] Okay, I’m not asking this last one. [looks around] Who wrote these anyway?

Reid:    Probably Gina, the woman who documented our story. Why, what’s it say?

Lucie:   Never mind. Your sixty seconds are over.

Reid:    Come on, what could possibly have you turning that pretty shade of pink?

Lucie:   [sighing and looking at him] Top…or bottom?

Reid:    Absolutely…most definitely… [he holds her gaze, leans in, and gives her a wicked half-cocked grin] …top.

Lucie:   [fans herself with her note card and envelope as Reid sits back and folds his arms over his chest with a satisfied smirk] Okay, well, that’s the end of your session. Are we done now?

Reid:    Nope. Now it’s your turn to be in the hot seat, sweetheart.

Lucie:   [mumbles] Crap.

Reid:    All right, it’s time for sixty seconds with the real Cinderella. Let’s see what we have here. [opens envelope] Ready, Lu?

Lucie:   Do I have a choice?

Reid:    Nope. Okay, first question. Gala event or intimate gathering?

Lucie:   That one’s easy. Intimate gathering. I’d rather be in a relaxed setting with family and close friends than in a room full of strangers dressed like human peacocks.

Reid:    [chuckles] Yeah, anyone who’s met you would know your answer to that one. This one’s a little less obvious. For a romantic setting, where would you rather be: a tropical island at sunset, or rustic luxury resort at Lake Tahoe?

Lucie:   Ooh, wow…that one is a little harder. I love the idea of both of them. [bites lip and squints in thought] I guess if we’re talking absolute dream scenario with no restrictions, as cliché as it sounds, I’d have to go with the island at sunset. Lake Tahoe is beautiful, but we live so close to it that it’s much more feasible to escape there for a quick weekend getaway, and I’ve never been anywhere tropical.

Reid:    Well, we’ll just have to do something about that then, won’t we?

Lucie:   That’d be nice, but unfortunately I don’t have much vacation time left since I used most of it to nurse your shoulder back to health.

Reid:    Ah, touché. That’s okay, your director loves me. I’m sure if I had a chat with her she’d be able to work something out for you. [winks]

Lucie:   [snorts] Every woman loves you, dear.

Reid:    That may be true, but there’s only one woman whose love concerns me, sweetheart. [leans over and places a sweet kiss on her lips]

Lucie:   [blushes as she smiles] What’s the next question?

Reid:    Hmm? Oh, right. [glances at card] If you could go on a cruise, would you rather it be in the Caribbean or the Mediterranean?

Lucie:   [eyebrow hitches up] These questions are all destination-related. Why aren’t they more generic things like yours were?

Reid:    [doing his best to look innocent] Don’t look at me, I’m just reading what’s on the card. So, Caribbean or Mediterranean?

Lucie:   Well, since I already chose tropical for the other answer, I’ll go with Mediterranean. I’d love to visit Greece and Italy. The cultures there are so rich and vibrant, I think it’d be an amazing trip.

Reid:    [grinning like an idiot] I couldn’t agree more. Okay, almost done. [turns on his stool until he’s completely facing Lucie and stares into her eyes] Short engagement, or long?

Lucie:   [freezes for several long moments] What did you say?

Reid:    I asked if you would like a short engagement…[takes a ring box out of his jeans pocket and opens it up revealing a pear-shaped diamond in a platinum setting]…or a long one.

Lucie:   [wide grey eyes fix on the ring…then fly up to meet his] Reid?

Reid:    Based on your answers, I thought maybe we could have an intimate wedding at sunset in Hawaii with Jackson and Vanessa, and then honeymoon on a cruise in the Mediterranean. [takes a deep breath and blows it out] I love you, Luce. And nothing would make me happier than seeing my ring on your finger and knowing you’ll always be with me. Will you marry me?

Lucie:   [tears fill her eyes and overflow onto her cheeks] Yes, of course I’ll marry you.

[Reid slips ring on Lucie’s finger, grabs her around the waist and swings her around in a full circle as they laugh before he sets her down and kisses her among cheers from the audience]

Lucie:   [wiping tears from her face] Did you set this whole thing up?

Reid:    [giving her his signature killer smile] I may or may not have had a conversation with Gina about the types of questions that should be on my card.

Lucie:   Because you know how much I love all eyes on me, right? [laughs] You are in so much trouble for this one, Andrews.

Reid:    I’m counting on it, sweetheart. [addresses audience] Well, that’s it for Sixty Seconds of Cinderella. I want to thank everyone for coming today and indulging my elaborate plan to land the woman of my dreams. But you’ll have to excuse us now, because I fully intend to take my fiancée home and have my wicked way with her.

[Reid picks Lucie up, throws her over his shoulder and proceeds to carry her out of the room despite her laughter-filled orders to put her down]