Wee-Bit Wednesday: Calendar Guy Edition

Hooray for my first Wee-Bit Wednesday of 2012! Now that I’m working on the third book in the Prophecy of Souls trilogy, SOUL SEDUCTION, all of my WBWs for the next couple of months will be from this one. (BTW, yes, I realize I haven’t written the second one yet, but #2 isn’t being nearly as cooperative as #3 so I … Read More

Top Ten Reasons I Suck at Blogging (Part Deux)

I realized this morning that I should probably get a post up on the ol’ blog. I mean, we’re already over a week into 2012 and I don’t have anything ringing in the new year or saying farewell to the old one. (Although, last month I already posted my predictions for what will happen to me in 2012, which should … Read More

My Golden Rose Achievment

I WON! I won I won  I won  I won . I. WON! (Does that word look weird to anyone else now? No? Alrighty, moving on then.) *clears throat* Hello, friends! If you haven’t already guessed, I recently found out I placed first in the Contemporary Series category of the RCRW Golden Rose Contest that I entered a few months back. It was the first real … Read More

The Power of Projection (or, Stuff I Want to Happen in 2012)

The end of yet another year approaches, and so begins the timeless act of making promises to oneself for the new year. Things we will do better to improve our quality of life and of those around us. This year I’m going to do something to improve my chances of having a spectacular 2012. I’m going to harness the power of … Read More

Blasts From the Past (or, Books From My Youth)

Last week my good friend and contemporary romance author, Ruthie Knox, rediscovered the first romance novel she’d ever read thanks to an interview promoting her debut novel, RIDE WITH ME (release date Feb 2012). Via Twitter, Ruthie regaled us with snippets of the cheesy eighties dialogue and summarized the diabolically complex conflict (hero was vaguely a ladies’ man in the past … Read More

Meet My Characters: Gabriel

Gabriel Russo*: hero of SOUL SEDUCTION Age: 26, going on 46Height: Tall enough (6′ 6″)Weight: Enough to throw around (225)Hair: Black, windblown & fingercombed, unshavenEyes: Girly blue (aquamarine)Occupation: Mechanic/shop ownerLocation: None of your business (Arizona desert)Father: Dominic, vampire & Hunter for the Dark RaceMother: Angelica, healer angel & pediatric oncologistSister: Jenni, empathic oracle & major pain in the ass Gabriel is the only son of Dominic … Read More

I Prefer My Books Nice-n-Steamy

Now, that said, do I love the sex scenes? Hell, yes, I do! Done right, those scenes are absolutely smoking and full of emotion–yes, I said EMOTION. Sex scenes in a romance novel aren’t like reading the assembly instructions for furniture, for chrissakes! (Making sure there was an ample amount of lubrication, he lined up Bolt A with Hole B … Read More

If All the World had a CP…

I know, I know…I’ve slacked on my Top 10 list. I promise I’ll get back to that soon, but a thought occurred to me the other day that I’d like to share.  So here goes. I currently have 4 acting CPs (Crit Partners) for my WIP, Soul Seduction.  I will fully admit that I’m probably making things a tad harder … Read More

Wee-Bit Wednesday: Desert Walker Edition

One of my regular posts, uh, back when I posted regularly, was what I called Wee-Bit Wednesdays. This was my take on the Teaser Tuesdays that everyone in the blogosphere did at the time. Same premise, different day. [side note: now some people do WIP Wednesdays, like my phenomenally talented friend, Ruthie Knox – check her out too!] Now that … Read More

Rejections are No BFD

Typically speaking, I don’t have a thick skin. Look at me the wrong way and I’ll instantly run through a gamut of offenses I might be guilty of to cause just such a glance. In all reality, the person might just have a piece of dust in their eye and the twitchy-narrowing-eye-thingy wasn’t a display of loathing, but simply an … Read More

Yes, But How Does He Smell?

Hola!  Notice anything different?  Go ahead and take a second to think about it…no, it’s not my hair…no, I haven’t waxed my eyebrows (recently)… It’s all the extras on the blog, sillies!  Check out the “follow me” options on the right: twitter, facebook, email.  Awesome, right?  I know, so go ahead and click on them…yeah, right now…no, I’ll wait.  Did you … Read More

Debunking the “Smut Book” Stereotype

In my carefree college days, I was part of a group of girls affectionately known as The Smut Club. We devoured romance novels one after another, swapping them back and forth and swooning over the latest alpha-male’s romantic overtures, while sipping coffee shop mochas we could barely afford. Little did I know that the popular term “Smut Book” I had … Read More

I wish I was an under-achiever…

Before I continue, let me state that my use of the term “under-achiever” in this particular post is not in its usual derogatory tone, but rather something I aspire to be as a writer in reference to the dreaded Word Count. For example, if a novel in your genre is typically 90K words then you have achieved that goal when … Read More