2017 Signing Events

Would you like to come see me in person? Well, you should, because I’m a pretty awesome hugger, if I do say so myself and I love meeting my readers! Here is the list of places I’ll be this year.

Even if tickets are sold out and/or you can’t attend the actual signing, but you’re still within driving distance, you should still come and hang out with me! I plan to visit with readers (read: have drinks!) around the scheduled events.

If I’m not coming to your area (I’m looking at you, West Coast and Texas and all the countries other than the US), I’m so sorry! I wish I could go on an extended tour and see everyone, but unfortunately life gets in the way of my jet-setting all over the world.

At any rate, I hope to see a lot of you. I have hugs lined up and waiting! <3

Ciao, bellas!

2 Comments on “2017 Signing Events”

  1. I am a big fan and feel like a kindred spirit because I too am an Italian girl stuck in the Midwest. I am counting the days until my son graduates and I can coerce/kidnap my husband and head to Northern California to someplace without snow or wildfires.
    Meanwhile, I read a lot to distract myself from the weather and am anxiously awaiting your next book! Thanks for the fun reads and hope you are ready for the dreaded That Which We Do Not Mention for fear of a nervous breakdown, the only four letter word that I am truly afraid of-snow.

    1. Tina, I know exactly how you feel! Northern California would be amazing! Thank you so much for reading my books, I’m so happy you love my stories and I hope to have some new ones for you soon! Book 2 in the Boston Heat series will be out in February and soon I’ll be releasing a new chapter every week for free up to its official release, so make sure you’re signed up for my newsletter so you know when that’s happening. Hopefully the heat on the pages of Bowie’s book will keep you warm through these dreaded cold months! 😉 Thanks again! <3

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